Becoming a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador- all you need to know!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

I have been getting a lot of messages on my socials about the application procedure of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program. As it was getting impossible to answer all my peers individually, I have decided to write my first blog on this topic. But before jumping onto the process, a brief introduction about me…


I am Aindrila Das, a student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology and Sports Complex, Kolkata, India.

Community is all about helping and supporting each other to learn and grow together. Before wanting to become a part of a community, this should be the mindset. Now talking about Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program, formerly known as Microsoft Student Partners Program is the most diverse and inclusive community throughout the world. This program gives you exposure to connect with people all over the world and learn from their experiences. More than 120 languages are spoken among Learn Student Ambassadors.

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors community helped me to improve my communication skills, presentation skills as well as technical knowledge. Being a part of the community I enjoyed summits, fun meetings and games and the privilege to network with other people. All the members of the community are so humble that from the very first day I had this feeling that I matter.

If the above question is popping into your head, let me tell you that if you are above 16 years old and currently enrolled as a full-time student in a college/university with a major in any subject, you can apply to this program. Applications are open throughout the year.

Now that’s a valid question. After all, we all want a lot of swags, isn’t it?

As an ambassador, you will be getting-

  • Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Techsmith snagit and Camtasia for free.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise subscription.
  • $150 monthly Azure credits.
  • Microsoft Technical Certification vouchers and LinkedIn Learning subscription.
  • voucher to claim your domain name for free.
  • Sponsored trips for Student Ambassador Summits.
  • Swag box.
  • Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) mentorship.

Now, let’s talk about the application procedure.

Step 1:

To apply to the program first go to the official website by clicking on here.

the website looks like this

Step 2:

After clicking the Apply Now button start your application by checking the privacy and terms and fill in all your personal information given your name, DOB, state and country etc.

personal information

Step 3:

Now you need to provide the details of your present academic institution and your expected graduation date.

academic institution information

Step 4:

Now comes the most important section of your entire application. You need to answer the provided questions very carefully. Here I would recommend you to spend an ample amount of time writing your essay answers in a very concise and consolidated manner. As per instruction you have to provide at least one video presentation (If you are having enough time, I would suggest you make all three videos).

written sample

Step 5:

I suppose this step doesn’t require much explanation. Here, you need to provide all your social handles including your resume, your technical blog site and your website (if you have one).

social media

Step 6:

In this section, you need to select all the technologies you have been working with and which interests you the most. The next question is optional, yet I would recommend you to use this section properly as well :)

additional information

It takes approximately 3–4 months to review your application. You will receive an email from Microsoft after getting selected for the program.

Wooho!! I couldn’t believe it...I was so happy

This program has 3 milestones- Alpha, Beta and Gold.

As a new Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, you are expected to complete a learning path from Microsoft official docs for Alpha advancement. As soon as you complete your first learning path, you will receive an email within a week. Being an Alpha MLSA you need to up-skill yourself and try attending the webinars organized in the Microsoft Teams. After a while when you feel prepared, arrange your webinar in the Teams and teach others any skills related to Microsoft technologies. Your event should be at least for an hour and if you are alone organizing your event, there should be at least 15 people present in that meeting till the end otherwise, your event would go for cancellation.

You need to submit all details including the recording to the events portal. After a successful review by your regional program manager, within 1–2 weeks you will receive an email regarding Beta advancement. Regarding your swags shipment, you’ll get a call from FedEx and soon after you receive your swag box.

swag kit

Now that we are almost in the end, I wish you all the very best and encourage you to apply for the same. Being a part of such communities will not only strengthen your technical profile but also help you build your interpersonal skills.

If you wish to connect with me, here is my Twitter handle and GitHub profile.

Thanks for reading, stay safe :)

Computer Science and Engineering Student | Tech Enthusiast | Open Source Enthusiast | #BLACK LIVES MATTER